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Dry Ginger Cold Cough Diabetes
Dry Ginger  Cold Cough Diabetes


 Dry Ginger Cold Cough Diabetes Medicine Nausea



For Food & Medicinal Use 

100grams (3.5oz) Pack
Ginger is commonly used as a cooking spice throughout the world, Chemistry
Ginger section
Ginger section

Ginger contains up to three percent of an essential oil that gives it fragrance. The main constituents are sesquiterpenoids with (-)-zingiberene as the main component. Lesser amounts of other sesquiterpenoids (β-sesquiphellandrene, bisabolene and farnesene) and a small monoterpenoid fraction (β-phelladrene, cineol, and citral) have also been identified.

The pungent taste of ginger is due to nonvolatile phenylpropanoid-derived compounds, particularly gingerols and shogaols. The latter are formed from the former when ginger is dried or cooked. Zingerone is also produced from gingerols during this process, and it is less pungent and has a spicy-sweet aroma.[3] Ginger is also a minor chemical irritant, and because of this was used as a horse suppository by pre-World War I mounted regiments for figging.

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